How We’re Unique

The primary goal of the Pain Psychology Center is to help patients eliminate or significantly reduce their physical symptoms.

Traditionally, pain psychologists have focused on the management of pain, rather than its elimination. Because chronic pain is often the result of learned nerve pathways in the brain, in many cases it can be eliminated or significantly reduced through psychotherapeutic processes. Pain management models often fail to address the root causes of the pain, preventing full recovery.

Founded by several leaders in the field of pain treatment, The Pain Psychology Center employs a team of expert therapists armed with cutting edge tools to help pain sufferers resolve their symptoms. Examples of the therapeutic process can be found in the How It Works section.

In addition to providing treatment, the Pain Psychology Center aims to educate the medical and psychological communities about the role of learned neural pathways in the development and treatment of chronic pain. The directors of the Center developed the existing treatment outline for the Psychophysiologic Disorders Association, and provide trainings to psychotherapists across the country.